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Here you will find a list of our wines and prices

  • Pinot Noir - Rüdesheimer Drachenstein

  • Pinot Noir - Rheingau

  • Pinot Noir - Johannisberger Hölle

  • Pinot Noir - Lorcher Kapellenberg

  • Pinot Noir - Assmannshäuser Höllenberg

  • Chardonnay - Rheingau

  • Chardonnay - Clos de Schulz

  • Rosé - Rheingau

  • Brut Rosé - Pinot Noir


The sites of Chat Sauvage extend over a total of six districts. They range from Winkel with the Dachsberg, where deep loess and stony loess clay offer our Chardonnay grapes an ideal breeding ground for developing their elegant and harmonious acid-fruit play, to Lorch, where, on the Schlossberg, Pinot Noir ripens on steep slopes with stony, heat-storing slate soils. The large water surface of the Rhine contributes to the temperature compensation and acts as a reflector that directs sunlight onto the vineyards. In between are the Johannisberger Hölle, the Rüdesheimer Drachenstein, the Roseneck, the Assmannshäuser Höllenberg and Frankenthal, as well as Lorch, Bodental, Pfaffenwies and Kapellenberg.








Each grape passes through our hands several times

The production of high-quality Burgundy wines is our passion. Thus, it comes as no surprise that our vineyards are planted exclusively with Pinot Noir (75%) and Chardonnay (25%). A novelty in the Rheingau!
Each of our wines clearly shows the potential of the wine-growing region for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The main focus is on the work in the vineyard. This is where the quality of the wine is determined, which, after almost two years of maturing in an oaken barrel, finally reaches the bottle and the glass. A variety of manual steps, such as defoliating the grape zone, halving the grapes and selecting them during the harvest, continuously aim for ripe and healthy grapes throughout the year!

There's no magic in the basement, but a lot of care.
With high-quality French barrels, attention to detail and time. The wines are bottled almost unfiltered which is rewarded with a rich fullness - complex and delicate.

„Power without weight.“
Robert M. Parker

Out Path

The unusual story of an exceptional wine.

It all began in 2000 when the Hamburg-based entrepreneur Günter Schulz decided to produce his own wine. Out of a passion for French Burgundy wines, he conceived the idea of producing high-quality Pinot Noirs of international calibre in the Rheingau. This was the beginning of “Chat Sauvage”. Pinot Noir grapes, ripened in the best locations in the Rheingau, were to be cultivated according to traditional methods of production from Burgundy. In an area mainly known for Riesling cultivation, vineyards with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were planted at top locations.

The exposed steep slopes on the banks of the Rhine with numerous hours of sunshine and a mild climate make the Pinot Noir grape - the queen of grapes - unfold its full splendour. The complex minerality of the soil provides finesse and filigree - a wonderful liaison reminiscent of the finest Burgundy wines.

In order to create his own production site, Günter Schulz auctioned off a large part of his important collection of top wines from Burgundy through the auction house “Christie’s” and built a domicile for his own wines in Johannisberg. In 2010, we inaugurated the newly built production site, which was an important step for the winery! With our striving for quality, using only highly selected and 100% healthy and mature grapes, we embrace a clear philosophy.

Currently, the entire wine-growing area, comprising a total of 8 hectares, stretches from Winkel to Lorch.


Anyone who has ever tasted Burgundy knows what we are talking about. Everyone else can try ...

In Johannisberg in the middle of vineyards, you will find our winery. We are looking forward to your visit - please book in advance, however, as our work in the vineyard means that we cannot always be there. We organise tastings and culinary events at our wine shop.




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